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Five Reasons to Add Fullerene in Your Skincare Routine

Five Reasons to Add Fullerene in Your Skincare Routine

Savvy skincare aficionados know that true skin transformation is all about antioxidants.

If you’ve built a routine around your Vitamin B,C, and E, or incorporate retinol on the regular, you likely already understand just how important these types of ingredients are for keeping the skin youthful and performing optimally.

Yet for some time, many beauty lovers have been overlooking one of the most potent antioxidant ingredients available. If you have yet to add fullerene to your skincare arsenal, you’re going to want to keep reading. We’ve got the full scoop on this amazing, yet surprisingly lesser known superstar antioxidant.


What is fullerene?

Essentially, fullerene is a type of carbon-based molecule known for having a unique spherical structure that makes it especially effective as an antioxidant ingredient. Although fullerene has been recognized by science for quite some time, it is an up and coming super ingredient that you can expect to see in more and more cosmetic formulas.


How does fullerene compare to other antioxidants?

As you likely already know, antioxidants are a very important component in many skincare formulations due to their ability to fight free radicals. What makes fullerene unique however, compared to other staples like Vitamin C or E, is that it has a double bond structure that more effectively reacts to free radicals, and eradicates them before they are able to cause damage to the skin tissue. In other words, it has far greater potential when compared to your average antioxidant.

Another advantage of fullerene is that the molecules are very small and able to easily penetrate the skin, further enhancing their benefit, and that of other ingredients they are combined with. So what does this mean for your everyday routine?


Here are some of the key benefits of incorporating fullerene:

Benefit #1: Fullerene boosts the skin barrier and improves moisture retention

If you struggle with dry or sensitive skin, fullerene can provide the boost of fortification your skin needs to maintain better levels of hydration and natural moisture factor.

Benefit #2: Fullerene can be used to fight acne

Because fullerene has been shown to help balance oil and water in the skin, it can be helpful for reducing excess oil production and as a result, the skin will experience fewer acne breakouts.

Benefit #3: Fullerene is youth-enhancing and wrinkle-fighting

Another incredible benefit is that fullerene can help prevent or reduce signs of aging, which is often exacerbated by free radical damage. Studies have even shown that it can be as effective, if not more effective, than many popular anti-wrinkle treatments available on the market today.

Benefit #4: Fullerene combats skin discoloration and dark spots

If you struggle with dark spots, dullness, or discoloration as a result of sun exposure, fullerene can be a powerful ally in your skincare tool kit. More stable and more potent than Vitamin C, it will help to prevent dark spots, and promote repair of existing damage.

Benefit #5: Fullerene improves overall skin health

Regardless of skin type and condition, the truth is that everyone needs antioxidants for skin protection. By incorporating product formulas that utilize fullerene, your skin will be safeguarded against elements like pollution, blue light, cancer causing UV, and other modern-day skin stressors.


Other Important Things to Know

For experiencing all of the potent properties of fullerene, Juvaly is a skincare collection that focuses on formulating with fullerene as its key ingredient. The line offers a versatile range of products that are appropriate for all skin types – including toner, essence, lotion, oil, and a jelly mask product – so you can build your perfect skin supporting ritual and enjoy all the incredible benefits for yourself.