Work with Juvaly! We are looking for distributors worldwide

Are you a retailer looking to expand your selection with an award-winning, on-trend cosmetics and skincare brand that’s ready to scale?

Juvaly is a young, independent, and innovative beauty brand. Since 2015, we have been cultivating our worldwide customer-base and are currently looking for experienced distributors to join our network. This is an amazing opportunity to become a part of our growing company and carry our collection of products.

When you work with us, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Top Notch Formulation and Manufacturing Capabilities

At Juvaly, we pride ourselves on elite research and development, designing products that are high-quality, yet scalable for widespread distribution. Formulas are extensively tested and follow guidelines established by the European Union. They’re also packaged using recycled, sustainable materials for reducing environmental impact.

Niche Knowledge and Incredible Ingredients

Thanks to the efforts of our international team of experts, Juvaly has created products that are completely unique to the market. They are free of additives and feature a hand-selected array of laboratory-tested, scientifically-supported ingredients.

Each formula is focused around our signature ingredient fullerene, a superior antioxidant and sought-after free radical fighter in skincare. As a result of our efforts, our products are gentle, holistically effective, and able to provide results for all skin types as well as numerous common concerns.

Global Market Vision

Juvaly is based in Taipei, Taiwan, but has successfully reached the point of international exposure – with active marketing partners in the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, and Macau. However, our goal is to continue global expansion, bringing simple, effective skincare to even more markets and valued clients worldwide. At the moment, we continue growing and we would love to find distributors for our products in Singapore and Malaysia.

Award-Winning Skincare

When you join us at Juvaly, you’ll be able to claim the distinction of carrying a collection of renowned products. Nearly all of our formulas have been chosen for multiple honors, including Amazon’s Choice between 2018 and 2020. We were also named winners by the Beauty Shortlist for 5 consecutive years. Though they were initially designed for at-home use, and everyday opulence, you’ll also find Juvaly’s products in some of the world’s most high-end spas and salons.

Elite Customer Service and Care
Our staff at Juvaly is small but highly capable and flexible. We pride ourselves on responding and reacting quickly to the needs of our customers, and are adaptable to the demands of working with numerous regional distributors. This approach to business and branding is integral to our success as an independent beauty company and industry innovator.

Now all that’s missing is you! Contact us today to learn more about becoming a distributor and bringing Juvaly to a retail market near you.