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You Need Fullerene in Your Life!

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing your mom look back at you?

As much as you love her, the very last things you wanted to inherit were her wrinkles, enlarged pores, and dull skin!

Luckily, we live in the 21st-century, which means skincare options abound. Why should a girl have to age when she lives in the future? Unluckily, there are so many options and trendy ingredients with fancy names that its almost impossible to know where to start or what to use.

You probably already know that antioxidants are essential to a gorgeous, glowing, and youthful skin – but you may not have heard of a new superantioxidant called buckminsterfullerene, or fullerene for short.

Wait, What the Heck Is Fullerene and Why Havent I Heard About It?

Fullerene is one of those things that has been flying under the radar since it was first discovered back all the way back in 1985 by astronomers trying to figure out how carbon worked millions of miles away in outer space.

(As you can see, fullerene already has a cooler history that boring old vitamin C – which fullerene is 172 times more potent than, by the way…)

This research led to the vaporization of graphite, which produced a whole new carbon molecule soccer ball made of 60 super-small carbon atoms closely related to diamonds and charcoal. As you can see, it was already written in the stars that fullerene was destined to be a girls best friend.

Fullerene went on to win the Molecule of the Year prize in 1991 and then went on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996…

All That and Fullerene Is an Incredible Antioxidant Powerhouse!

Fullerene already had a pretty impressive reputation – but things only got better as researchers discovered its antioxidant properties over the next 24 years. This kickass antioxidant molecule is a superstar when it comes to revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin!

Were talking:

You Need Fullerene in Your Life – Weve Got Your Back

Theres no question about it: if you want to enjoy radiant, clear, and youthful-looking skin that would make supermodels turn green with envy, fullerene is your new BFF.

Thats where Juva Skincare comes in.

We are the worlds leading provider of easy-to-use, effective fullerene-based skincare formulas. Light and easy to apply, our range of fullerene skincare products deliver a powerful antioxidant punch of fullerene and are designed for use on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Better yet, we dont test our products on animals or use skin-drying alcohol. All our products are fragrance-free (we get it – nobody wants their skincare fragrance to interfere with their perfume!).

Its time to start making looking in the mirror fun again – visit our online store to explore our products (and hey, maybe buy some for your mom, too!).